USA Boxing Metropolitan supports men, women, teens, and kids looking to pursue the incredible benefits of amateur boxing. Whether you’re interested in a challenging new approach to fitness or have Olympic aspirations, we facilitate programs that help you to reach your goals and unlock new levels of strength hidden within you. Our member clubs provide training ranging from elite professional boxers to those with a fighting spirit.

Amateur boxing is more than a sport: It’s a path to writing your own hero story. It truly is a sport in which EVERYBODY can participate. The many physical benefits from boxing include cardiovascular health, improved strength, increased endurance, and enhanced hand-eye coordination. And that’s not all. Some of the most critical benefits go far beyond the physical. Boxing has been proven to help strengthen self-confidence, resilience, and improved stress and anxiety management. When you step into a club or the ring it doesn’t matter what you look like or where you come from, we are all there to train. Egos are checked at the door so everyone can work together to get better and reach their own potential.

Board of Directors

President: Ray Cuadrado

Vice President & Registration Chair:
Sonya Lamonakis

Treasurer: Deni Auclair

Secretary: Elise Seignolle

Committee Chairs

Ray Velez, Coaches’ Committee

Mike Murphy, Coaches’ Committee

Jose Guzman, Tournament Committee

Vaughn Benjamin, Education and JO/Youth Committee

Dr. Osric King, Medical Committee

Sal A., Professor of Boxing Photography

Eddie Claudio, Chief of Officials

Anthony Ostrander, Athlete Rep