The US Olympic & Paralympic Committee developed this training program to educate coaches, officials, parents, and other adults about the identification and prevention of abuse and misconduct that may occur within sport. The training focuses on keeping athletes safe from bullying, hazing, and sexual misconduct and abuse.

To report sexual misconduct, contact the U.S. Center for Safe Sport directly at 720-531-0340 or go to their website, Reporters may remain anonymous.

To report any other type of Safe Sport violation, contact Lynette Smith at the USA Boxing national office., 719-866-2311.

Click here for USA Boxing SafeSport Policy Handbook.

Click here for SafeSport’s Breaking the Silence Video

Parent Resources 

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Parents of Preschool Children

Parents of School-Age Children 

Parents of Middle School Youth

Parents of High School Aged Adolescents

Dr. Sethi talks about what to remember when training in the gym. Concussions can be common in boxing so you need to be smart when training. He talks about the signs and symptoms of a concussion, and they can be subtle; headache, dizziness, off balance, moody and irritated may all be warning signs. You do not need to lose consciousness to have a concussion. “If you feel something, SAY something” to your trainer or partners who you are training with. No one but you may know something is wrong, you must speak up. If you feel off, sit it out. A well fitting mouthpiece and headgear are important when training. Staying well hydrated can protect against concussions. Spar with the appropriate gloves and an appropriate partner. If you spar, please spar under SUPERVISION. Like any other sport, we must respect boxing and work as a team to make it safer.